Current Exhibition at LCD Gallery


Featuring a collection of works by Blek Le Rat, Ben Eine, Sen2 Figueroa, Denial, and Dual. 

LCD Gallery in partnership with UP Art Studio is pleased to present “All CAPS” an exhibition highlighting five international artists and the dualities of their street and fine art practices. This exhibit highlights the use of aerosol as a productive medium and the growth of street art as a modern art movement. “All CAPS” takes its name from the tips on spray paint cans used to control the style and amount of paint released from the can. Caps such as the New York Fat and Needle allowed for many styles to be born, modified and adapted into modern practice.

Evolving from its early days of graffiti to being the preferred method of community engagement and political speech, artists use their caps to expand the reach of their practice in public and within the white cube. Exploring the spray can as an experimental tool, the contributors to this movement have helped what once was considered urban decay develop into an instrument of urban renewal. The show is presented at LCD Gallery which is located at Main & Co in downtown Houston, Texas. 

This exhibit aims to introduce the Houston art scene to the influence of street art in a comprehensive way, inviting viewers to to observe and appreciate street art as a contemporary movement.