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“The Father of Stencil Art” Comes to Houston: Blek Le Rat Presented by La Colombe d'Or Gallery and UP Art Studio at Main & Co in Downtown Houston

  • LCD Gallery 114 Main Street Houston, TX USA (map)
Blek Le Rat  Presented by La Colombe d'Or Gallery and UP Art Studio at Main & Co in Downtown Houston

LCD Art Gallery, in partnership with UP Art Studio, is pleased to welcome to Houston, from France, “the father of stencil

art”, for more events taking place associated with the “ALL CAPS” art show.

Xavier Prou (better known as Blek Le Rat), was one of the first graffiti artists in Paris, and is widely regarded as the

founder of the international stencil art movement. His paintings are autobiographical, born of his personal experience,

and his art has inspired many post-graffiti street artists. 

While in Houston, Blek le Rat, is scheduled for public appearances including a screening at the University of Houston-

Downtown on Thursday, November 15, 2018 of the movie “Saving Banksy” in which art collector Brian Greif – who acts

as executive producer on the documentary – felt compelled to salvage Banksy’s “Haight Street Rat” and have it exhibited

for the public in a gallery. Blek le Rat, who was painting rats with stencils years before Banksy’s first rat appeared, makes

an appearance in the film. Following the screening, Blek le Rat and Brian Greif will give the audience insight about the


On Friday, November 16, 2018 at LCD Gallery, Blek le Rat will do a walkthrough of the “ALL CAPS” exhibition and will be

signing art prints and books, which will be available for purchase. The prints are limited and include five previously sold

out editions.

On Saturday, November 17, 2018, during ArtCrawl, another “ALL CAPS” event will take place, with artist Dual officially

commemorating the Produce Row mural and accepting a proclamation from Council Member Robert Gallegos at noon.

Produce Row is a recently completed 7,000-S.F. mural on a four-story parking garage located at the southwest corner of

Main St and Commerce St in the Downtown District.

Anchoring the new Main & Co. development, and across the street from University of Houston-Downtown, “Produce

Row”, is proximate to the site where Houston’s first farmer’s market emerged in the 1870s, and is dedicated to

Commerce Street’s history. The mural was painted on the façade of UP Art Studio’s pop-up shop, which currently serves

as the art organization’s temporary HQ.


“All CAPS” is an art gallery exhibition highlighting five international artists and the dualities of their street and fine art

practices. This exhibit highlights the use of aerosol as a productive medium and the growth of street art as a modern art

movement. “All CAPS” takes its name from the tips on spray paint cans used to control the style and amount of paint

released from the can. Caps such as the New York Fat and Needle allowed for many styles to be born, modified and

adapted into modern practice.

Evolving from its early days of graffiti to being the preferred method of community engagement and political speech,

artists use their caps to expand the reach of their practice in public and within the white cube. Exploring the spray can as

an experimental tool, the contributors to this movement have helped what once was considered urban decay develop

into an instrument of urban renewal.

This exhibit aims to introduce the Houston art scene to the influence of street art in a comprehensive way, inviting viewers

to to observe and appreciate street art as a contemporary movement. “All CAPS” features global street artists Blek Le Rat,

Ben Eine, Denial, Sen 2, and Houston-based artist Dual, who during opening weekend, will be completing a mural on a four-

story parking garage and retail shop (current home of UP Art Studio) located at the corner of Main & Commerce.

About The Artist

Born in 1951, Xavier Prou (better known as Blek Le Rat), was one of the first graffiti artists in Paris, and is the founder of

the international stencil art movement. During a trip to the United States in 1971, Blek was introduced to the ‘wild style’

graffiti prevalent in New York City, which left a lasting impression on him. Inspired by what he saw in New York, Blek

began painting the streets of Paris in 1981, choosing a different technique – the stencil – as more appropriate for the

French architecture.

About the Partners

Located in the heart of Houston’s Museum District, LCD (La Colombe d’Or) Gallery represents established contemporary

artists, reflecting a broad range of styles and sensibilities, from Impressionism to Abstraction. Whether it is the

knowledgeable or the beginner collector, LCD Gallery advises clients on making the decision best suited for them. LCD

Gallery will also share its program globally through art fairs, partnerships and site-specific programming as a catalyst for

enhancing artistic creativity.

UP Art Studio is a Houston, based design house that facilitates art and design projects for urban and contemporary

artists, communities, corporations, and municipalities. The studio’s mission is civic pride through civic art, and they work

on projects that educate, move and engage communities through public art.

Together they have partnered to produce exhibitions focused on Street Art, injecting a new wave into the Houston fine

art scene.

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